Dealings-Texpro Impex Co.

Our Vision

Dealings Texpro is one of the leading apparel sourcing and supplying company in Bangladesh with a reputation of quality, reliability and unparalleled customer service, carrying out import, manufacturing & export of garments.Despite facing sorts of social and market difficulties we are receiving market acceptance, when it initiated operations, commercial relationships have been consolidating with the reputed buyers. We has employed numerous working people depending on the volume and consistency of orders.

Dealings Texpro guarantees fair business practices while offering quality products-gives it a distinct market advantage. The company distinguishes itself from the majority of its competitors, factories that base their production model on keeping product costs as low as possible. We has received wide support and there is increasing interest among buyers who want to purchase and distribute products made by us.

Bangladesh has a mature garment industry with a tradition of more than twenty-five years of export to international markets. Its society has a thousand year old history of harmony and homogeneity among major religious and ethnic denominations, and is founded upon ethical, social and family values. Bangladesh is a signatory to major international treaties upholding labor and human rights. The large investment in importing apparels entails certain important factors and risks that effect opportunity, profitability and market segment. Seasonal trends and competition are other factors that make decision making very complex. We at Dealings Texpro, being keen to be ahead of our competitors, have recognized these factors from very early on and are therefore happy to provide a little of the key considerations.

We always work for you. You can remain in your offices thousands of miles away and be fully reassured because we will do exactly what you will do. There is no need for flight costs and expensive hotel accommodation, because we will do exactly what you will want us to do even when you are tending to your customers thousands of miles away. We have developed a formula for success. We attribute this success to our keen insight of, and adaptation to our buyer’s needs. Although we are a sister concern of a manufacturing unit, we are not a manufacturer ourselves. Our independence was seen to be essential in order to adapt to the needs of our buyers. Manufacturers may be able to reduce costs, but they cannot represent buyers. They can only represent themselves and if things go wrong, as they sometimes do, they will try to protect themselves at the cost of the buyer.

Dealings Texpro is a buying house. Thus, the interest of Dealings Texpro is the interest of our buyers and if things go wrong we can quickly warn and protect. We will not hesitate to reject any product at any stage of production if we do not believe it meets the standards our buyers demand. Because of our nature, we have nothing to gain by protecting the manufacturers. We started our journey with the motto of Cost Quality and Commitment. Our Vision is to meet the trends in all aspects of design, quality and other developments which are most desired by today’s fashion market. Although we are still young company, we have the best practices in the industry to attain the standards desired by the buyers. Our mission is to produce Top-Quality Garments that models fair business practices and respects workers’ rights.

Firmly establish Dealings Texpro as a supplier that is capable of handling any complete package of garments manufacturing. This production would include multi-style options of mid to high quality fashion items, quality products and on-time delivery with competitive price. Our goal is to remain a responsible apparel supplier through adherence to internationally established codes of social accountability and ethical business practices. We have taken great pains to know our product intimately, and we guarantee its merchantability all the way into the hands of the final consumer at the retail outlet. We believe our customers are the reasons we exist for without them our service is but null. We take the pride in putting a smile on our customers face across the globe.